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User Access Reviews

Risk & Compliance

Get out-of-the-box insights calibrated to key SaaS types, assets, and capabilities across all users — including SaaS services with risky functions like file sharing, financial data, and privacy risks to sensitive data. Cross-reference SaaS access controls with compliance standards and security policy to stay audit-ready for SOC2, CMMC, NIST, ISO, and industry regulations.

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Complete Inventory of all SaaS Used

Enhance compliance
User access reviews facilitate compliance with security frameworks and industry regulations. Grip continuously tracks which users have access to tens of thousands of SaaS services and web apps — continuous visibility to achieve continuous compliance.
Audit readiness
Grip spotlights access and authentication methods used each time a user logs into SaaS apps or cloud accounts. Grip’s user access reviews help discover unauthorized access, and categorizes each SaaS and web app, so you can easily find assets commonly scoped for audit — like DevOps, cloud infrastructure, and engineering tools.

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Consult with our experts to understand how Grip SSCP can effectively tackle your risk and compliance requirements for managing shadow IT and applications.

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