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Shadow SaaS Discovery

Shadow SaaS

With Grip, security, risk, and identity teams discover shadow SaaS and unfederated access. Grip performs an agentless, identity-based discovery process to detect authentication methods, and track usage from the first observed interaction to the present day — all with a simple, 10-minute deployment. Turn insights into action by automating workflows and playbooks to protect the SaaS-Identity risk landscape, including revoking access or decommissioning SaaS for all users.

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Identify every SaaS account.

High risk SaaS accounts
Understand the inherent risk of each SaaS app — including data types, production access, and operational control. Monitor high-risk, unfederated SaaS adoption to help prioritize access controls like SSO.
Identify inactive accounts
Uncover dormant or abandoned SaaS accounts for reclamation and redistribution; decommission inactive SaaS services by revoking access leveraging Grip’s robotic process automation.

Continuous detection and prioritization.

Prioritize SaaS risk
Get a 360-degree view of SaaS risk, powered by Grip’s continuous detection a of app login events , user profiles, and business justification.
Monitor SaaS changes and trends
Grip’s always-on monitoring detects new account creation and can alert security teams with recommended actions, including password rotations and automating business justification for compliance records.
Remove inactive SaaS accounts
Eliminate active access for former employees or user role changes with automated workflows to revoke access for targeted apps or users.

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Consult with our experts to understand how Grip SSCP can effectively tackle your risk and compliance requirements for managing shadow IT and applications.

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