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Comprehensive SaaS Identity Risk Platform

Discover, prioritize, secure, orchestrate security for shadow SaaS and rogue cloud accounts

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SaaS Identity Risk Management

Manage the risks that arise from the widespread use of SaaS. Grip Security’s innovative approach of leveraging identity as the primary control point delivers the industry’s most effective solution to discover, prioritize, secure and orchestrate the mitigation and remediation of these risks. 

Discover Hidden SaaS Usage
SSCP provides a comprehensive and automated discovery process that uncovers all SaaS apps and cloud accounts used within the organization. No apps or accounts remain hidden.
Prioritize SaaS Identity Risks
Security teams can prioritize risks based on their severity and potential impact on the organization's security posture. High priority issues can be addressed promptly.
Secure Shadow SaaS and Rogue Cloud Accounts
SSCP actively detects and secures shadow SaaS applications and rogue cloud accounts that often go undetected. Providing visibility allows security teams to take action and reduce costs.
Orchestrate Risk Mitigation or Remediation
SSCP provides actionable steps security teams can take in response to identified risks. It offers automated incident response capabilities, enabling rapid and effective resolution of risks. 
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Comprehensive SaaS Discovery Dashboard

Gain a complete picture of your SaaS landscape and risks. Monitor usage and login methods to both federated and unfederated apps. Get alerted to new SaaS accounts created from managed or unmanaged devices. Simply connect to Office 365 or Google Workspace to get started. No proxies or firewall integrations are required.

Prioritize SaaS Risks for SSO Integration

Grip SSCP creates a unified risk profile based on multiple factors including user adoption, data used, user roles, privileges, and app data sensitivity for effective prioritization for SSO integration. 
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Streamline SaaS Breach Remediation

Grip SSCP incorporates automated incident response capabilities that enable immediate action upon identifying security risks or policy violations. By automating the mitigation or remediation process, Grip SSCP reduces response time, minimizes human errors, and enhances the organization's ability to address security incidents promptly and effectively.

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Lower Non-SSO App Licensing Costs

Identify redundant SaaS apps and enable SAML-less SSO without upgrading to enterprise license tiers and incurring the enterprise security tax.  Reduce redundant apps by migrating users to sanctioned apps. Deploy SAML-less SSO for unfederated apps without upgrading to enterprise licensing tiers and enforce centralized policies.
Grip's dashboard component
Grip's dashboard component

Shadow SaaS Access Control

Regulate the use of shadow SaaS apps by implementing policies and procedures to control access. Revoke access to unfederated SaaS apps during user offboarding or take back control of accounts whenever it is needed.

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