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The Grip SaaS Security Control Plane (SSCP) provides companies with a complete picture of SaaS usage and a platform to govern those apps, even shadow SaaS not managed by single sign-on (SSO) or identity provider (IdP). Track authentication methods and get risk-based prioritization so security teams can focus on what matters. Grip SSCP delivers insights into missing controls like SSO, policy dodging, and use justification.

Identity-based SaaS Discovery
With a 15-minute deployment, Grip SSCP discovers SaaS use, misuse, and abuse for all employees throughout the enterprise SaaS layer—business-led and IT-delivered SaaS services and apps—uncovering use history, authentication methods, weak credentials, and rogue or abandoned SaaS apps.
Prioritize Relevant, Actionable SaaS Risk
Automatically prioritize SaaS risks, including accumulated historical risk that has not been mitigated. Assess risk based on dynamic enterprise specific factors based on app usage, number of users, and app type.  Remediate SaaS exploits by identifying users and securing credentials in minutes with automated workflows.
Secure SaaS Accounts
Secure or take control of dormant, unused SaaS accounts to reduce risk and provide comprehensive reporting to confirm the actions taken.  Grip SSCP automatically secures SaaS accounts not governed by SSO, IdP or other identity and access management products.
Orchestrate and Enforce SaaS Security
Enforce access security throughout the SaaS layer, including automated workflows and open integrations to realize secure SaaS outcomes. Universalize security controls to deliver strong authentication, easy login, and adaptive safeguards for all SaaS types— sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS, business-led SaaS, and malicious or abandoned SaaS services, apps, and tenants.

SaaS Runs Today’s Enterprise – Secure It

Zero-touch discovery: Grip SSCP deploys in less than 15 minutes with an agentless, identity-based discovery scan to graph user-SaaS relationships from the first observed interaction to the present day—and every authentication in between. Grip integrates with email systems and your identity provider (IdP) to understand all SaaS in use, and how users are currently authenticating to each SaaS app.
SaaS risks that matter: A single risk index and mitigation queue for all SaaS services—managed and unmanaged SaaS. Prioritize risks based on accessibility and impact, including justification, missing SSO, policy dodging, and compliance gaps.
Secure SaaS access control: Leverage out-of-the-box workflows and automation, including open integrations to trigger downstream enforcement, access controls, and policy changes—including enrollment in single sign-on (SSO), user access reviews, justification, or instant access revocation SaaS access for users, groups, and tenants.—all powered by Grip’s SaaS risk intelligence.
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Visibility to Shadow SaaS

Agentless deployment, insights in minutes: Map and identify user-SaaS relationships across the SaaS service layer, including rogue tenants, malicious SaaS, and authentication methods (and misuse) to give you full context, awareness, and visibility to your SaaS estate.
Tailored SaaS insights: Monitor access to your SaaS layer, including historic context for accumulated risk from years of unguarded SaaS services. Maintain SaaS visibility through continuous discovery of newly discovered SaaS, micro-SaaS, abandoned tenants, OAuth grants, and authentication changes.
Monitor for secure SaaS access: Identify weak and duplicate credentials, dangling access, and IAM policy violations or SSO gaps—in minutes, not months. Leverage Grip Access for users to get one-click secure access and extend security policy to ungoverned SaaS—including destroying weak credentials and enforcing strong authentication without proxies, agents, or legacy dependencies.
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Prioritize SaaS Risk

More signal, less noise: Identify risks most relevant to your organization and prioritize mitigations with SaaS Risk Indexing (SRI) based on accessibility and impact to pinpoint dangerous combinations of weak access controls and SaaS critical capabilities (e.g., production and security SaaS).
Dynamic risk scoring for dynamic SaaS services: Benchmark SaaS against standards and policies, detect use, misuse, and abuse and confirm SaaS controls—past, present, future. Prioritize remediation based on inherent and residual risks, based on SaaS service capabilities, ease of accessibility, and impact of exploit. Save time and resources with automated workflows—justification, user access reviews, offboarding—and trigger downstream control points based on Grip SaaS insights.
Audit-ready SaaS security: Grip makes strong authentication universal and maps credential security gaps and SaaS access changes to validate your security policies. Track authentication patterns, enforce strong credentials and passwords, and benchmark compliance with security standards—no agents, no proxies, no disruptions.
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Turn SaaS insights into integrated action:

Scale protection to all SaaS: Harness automated workflows to justify SaaS usage, deploy single sign-on (SSO), or remove dangling access across the whole SaaS service layer. Revoke access for targeted users, abandoned or risky SaaS, and reduce the risk of phishing and smishing campaigns by destroying SaaS passwords in just a few clicks.
On-demand secure SaaS access: Grip SSCP pairs with Grip Access to give users a simple, easy single sign-on experience without duplicating credentials or weak passwords. Enforce strong authentication and track authentication methods and changes to SaaS services, including continuously rotating blinded, unphishable credentials unknown to the user. Trigger mitigation workflows tuned to real-time authentication patterns and risk thresholds based on observed user-SaaS activity and the impact to critical operations.
Turn SaaS insights into integrated action: Grip extends risk scoring, enhancing policy enforcement with automation to improve security operations for SaaS services. Integrate and enlighten security tools by pinpointing newly discovered SaaS and user activity to trigger ITSM tickets, risk and governance reviews, SaaS use justification, and remediation workflows—including shared intelligence to security tools like IAM, SWG, CASB, EDR, and SIEM.
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