Grip SaaS Security Control Plane

Safeguard identities, whenever and wherever SaaS is used

See and secure the SaaS-Identity attack surface

Take Control of SaaS-Identity Risk

The Grip SaaS Security Control Plane (SSCP) gives security teams visibility to their SaaS-Identity attack surface, constructing a single enterprise identity fabric, and orchestrating automated actions to mitigate SaaS-Identity risks. Grip’s AI-enabled playbooks and automation help scale routine identity security tasks like user access reviews, justification, threat response, and offboarding. 

Zero-touch discovery
Grip SSCP deploys in 10-minutes and performs an agentless, identity-based discovery process to understand authentication methods, and usage from the first observed interaction to the present day.
Prioritize risk that matters
Dynamically assess risk to identity assets based on use, misuse, and abuse, contextual intelligence, device and SaaS insights, and internet telemetry. Grip SSCP uncovers accumulated risk via historic graphing to pinpoint missing security controls and protections, like SSO and MFA, anywhere identities consume SaaS.
Secure identities and SaaS services
Reverse control erosion and remove accumulated risk with evidence-based triggers — including instant access revocation (offboarding) tuned to SaaS types, functions, risk index, users, groups, or tenants — based on accessibility, exploitability, and impact.
Orchestrate the enterprise identity fabric
With Grip SSCP, security teams can construct their enterprise identity fabric and enforce protection, leveraging existing controls and systems. Take SaaS-Identity risk insights to the rest of the security stack, automating workflows and playbooks to protect the SaaS-Identity attack surface.

Mitigate Identity and SaaS Sprawl

Discover everything:  With a 10-minute deployment, Grip SSCP discovers SaaS use, misuse, and abuse for all identities, including business-led and IT-delivered SaaS services and apps — uncovering use history, authentication methods, weak credentials, and rogue or abandoned SaaS-Identity relationships.
Automated change detection: Leverage Grip’s continuous discovery to track identity sprawl and get risk-based prioritization so security teams can focus on what matters. Grip SSCP delivers insights into missing controls like SSO, policy dodging, use justification, and inherent identity risk of every web app.
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Relevant Risk with Identity Context

Tailored SaaS-Identity insights: Monitor identities consuming SaaS services, including historic context for accumulated risk from years of control erosion. Maintain SaaS visibility through continuous discovery of newly discovered SaaS, micro-SaaS, abandoned tenants, OAuth grants, and authentication changes for every identity asset.
Monitor SaaS controls: Identify weak and duplicate credentials, dangling access, and IAM policy violations or SSO gaps—in minutes, not months. Leverage Grip Access for users to get one-click secure access and extend security policy to ungoverned SaaS—including destroying weak credentials and enforcing strong authentication without proxies, agents, or legacy dependencies.
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Secure the SaaS-Identity Attack Surface

Just-in-time, consistent access control: Infuse security policy to identities directly, triggering appropriate controls, realized on-demand through identities whenever and wherever SaaS is used. Decommission rogue and abandoned SaaS services, annihilate weak credentials, and mitigate identity exposure to compromised apps.
Identity security automation: AI-enabled, robotic process automation (RPA) with 20+ playbooks like user access reviews, justification, threat response, and offboarding. Orchestrate identity risk insights to enrich and extend existing control points, telemetry, intelligence, and analytics tools.
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Orchestrate SaaS-Identity Security

Universal Integration: Grip’s extensible, flexible integrations with identity, endpoint, network, cloud, or SOAR systems to gain a complete view of identity risk across all the security layers. Supported integrations via API include key security solutions, such as EDR, XDR, SIEM, ITSM, IAM, IGA, CSPM, CNAPP, and Threat Intelligence.
Audit-ready SaaS and identity controls: Collaborate and push context to cross-functional teams and tools, triggering intelligent action to mitigate identity risks, compliance gaps, and threat exposures. Enhance existing tools with identity attack surface intelligence for full-scale orchestration to extend the impact of every technology Grip touches. 
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