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Discover and Manage Risky OAuth Scopes

Identify SaaS Risks

In today's SaaS-driven environment, managing OAuth scopes is complex, with permissions granted by both users and apps, potentially opening security gaps. Grip spotlights active OAuth scopes and pinpoints the risky ones—regardless of whether they're user or app-granted—and recommends protective actions such as revoking scopes.

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Confidently Secure OAuth Scopes

Zero in on Risky OAuth Scopes
Grip highlights OAuth scopes by risk level, enabling you to focus on the most pressing threats.
Make Strategic Security Decisions
Gain the context needed—understanding who or which app authorized specific scopes and their capabilities—allowing for informed decisions that reflect your organization's risk tolerance.
Streamline the Cleanup of OAuth Scopes
Grip not only revokes OAuth scopes when users depart, preventing lingering access, but also provides workflows to revoke scopes for active users. This ensures access controls remain tight and up-to-date, bolstering your security posture.

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Consult with our experts to understand how Grip SSCP can effectively tackle your risk and compliance requirements for managing shadow IT and applications.

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