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SaaS Detection and Access Control

Shadow SaaS

The Grip SSCP discovers unfederated SaaS accounts and works with Grip SAC to detect SaaS user activity through the browser. This combination provides a real-time view of SaaS usage and authentication methods. With Grip, security and identity teams can enforce access control for SaaS apps outside of SSO by taking control of the user’s credentials and enforcing MFA to unfederated SaaS apps.

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Monitor New SaaS in Real Time.

New SaaS accounts
Identify every SaaS account created in real-time. Grip continuously discovers all SaaS accounts and web apps in-use, including authentication methods, access risks, and control gaps.
Monitor SaaS sprawl
Centrally track each login to SaaS services, web apps, and cloud accounts for every identity, typically uncovering 70% more SaaS usage than previously known.

Takeover SaaS User Credentials

Enforce credential strength
Control and strengthen every password for credential-based SaaS, web apps, and cloud tools — removing siloed, duplicate credentials and securing shared accounts.
One-click login for users
Generate strong passwords for users of unfederated SaaS services — including service and shared accounts — giving employees one-click, secure access without using a password.
MFA everywhere
Implement multifactor authentication everywhere (MFA), enabling security teams to improve access control to unfederated SaaS

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Consult with our experts to understand how Grip SSCP can effectively tackle your risk and compliance requirements for managing shadow IT and applications.

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