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Slack Integration


Slack is not just for collaboration anymore; it's a critical tool for security alerts. Grip Security leverages this by providing real-time notifications on identity risks directly within Slack, enabling rapid response from your security team and streamlining the incident response process.

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Streamline Alerts with Slack

Instant Security Notifications
Grip Security's integration sends crucial security alerts to your chosen Slack channels, including context and direct links to the Grip SaaS Security Control Plane for swift action. The setup is quick and effortless, ensuring your team is always informed and ready.
Proactive Identity Risk Management
Continuously monitor for risks with Grip's discovery capabilities. Receive immediate Slack notifications for activities like unauthorized SaaS sign-ups or password reset attempts, keeping your team ahead of security issues.

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Gain a complete view of your SaaS usage—including shadow SaaS and rogue cloud accounts—from an identity-centric viewpoint. See how Grip can improve the security of your enterprise.