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Control Shadow AI Risks

Identify SaaS Risks

Grip SSCP addresses the risks of AI use with comprehensive visibility, enabling the identification and assessment of unauthorized apps. The platform can identify new shadow AI apps and flag existing, sanctioned SaaS that has introduced AI features. Monitoring AI risks protects against data breaches and compliance violations.

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Discover Shadow AI Apps

Comprehensive AI App Visibility
Gain unparalleled visibility into all AI apps being used in your company. Automatically report on the number of accounts created and the riskiness of each app.
Proactive Notification of Shadow AI Use
Monitor and alert IT, security, and compliance teams about potential shadow AI risks. This proactive approach ensures you stay ahead of risks and maintain control over your AI landscape.

Assess Shadow AI Identity Risks

Identity Risk Assessment
Analyze authentication methods, usage patterns, and other identity risk factors to assess the risks AI apps pose. Automatic risk assessments ensure risks are thoroughly evaluated.
Prioritize Risks for Mitigation
Leverage identity risk scoring for clearly prioritizing the most pressing threats. Teams can focus on high-priority risks to mitigate risks by revoking user access or moving to SSO.

Detailed AI App Identity Risk Insights

App-Specific Identity Risks

Get in-depth risk details such as authentication methods, number of users, SSO utilization, and sanctioned vs. unsanctioned status.

Actionable Insights for Risk Mitigation

Provide your teams with insights to mitigate risks through access controls, SSO adoption, or unused accounts. Secure sensitive data that create compliance risk.

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Gain a complete view of your SaaS usage—including shadow SaaS and rogue cloud accounts—from an identity-centric viewpoint. See how Grip can improve the security of your enterprise.