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See and secure every SaaS applicationno exceptions

Grip Security provides comprehensive visibility, governance and data security to help enterprises painlessly secure a  burgeoning and chaotic SaaS ecosystem.

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The world’s first SaaS Security Control Plane

Grip helps companies modernize their security architecture to meet the needs of how SaaS is acquired and used today. The SaaS Security Control Plane (SSCP) solution is a fundamentally different approach that empowers security teams to embrace a business-led IT strategy safely and securely.

Uncover identity sprawl and SaaS risk

Free Identity Risk Discovery
Unified SaaS Visibility

Complete SaaS Discovery

The SSCP provides the industry’s most complete SaaS visibility, discovering 5X more apps than leading CASBs. Dynamic SaaS risk is assessed from the world’s largest database of risk factors and enterprise specific inputs. 

Reduce SaaS Security Remediation Workload

Automate SaaS Security Outcomes 

The SSCP makes SaaS security actionable and automates security outcomes with out of the box workflows.  Risk is measured and prioritized based on dynamic, real world enterprise factors such as app risk, adoption rates, or data used.  

Orchestrate SaaS Security

Leverage Control Points, Telemetry, and Operations

The SSCP leverages telemetry and analytics from key systems and enforces policies across multiple control points automatically.  SaaS security can scale with an end-to-end platform that identifies incidents and automates SaaS onboarding and offboarding. 

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Use Cases

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