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Automated, Secure Password Rotation

Breach Remediation

Maintain password hygiene and remediate SaaS breaches with Grip’s automated password rotation to reset passwords for users and apps, including compromised SaaS accounts. Grip understands every SaaS and cloud account for a user and can rotate passwords on hundreds of accounts with a few clicks.

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Secure compromised identities and accounts.

Respond to SaaS breaches
Security teams can utilize the Grip’s robotic process automation (RPA) to secure access to unfederated SaaS apps and cloud services. By leveraging native password reset functionality, security and incident response teams take back control or secure a compromised SaaS app or cloud account.
Proactive SaaS breach remediation
When SaaS apps are breached, every user’s credentials are at risk, and these credentials can often be used to access other systems. Reset passwords for all users for SaaS breaches to prevent unauthorized access by bad actors.

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