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CrowdStrike Integration


Grip’s integration with CrowdStrike begins by discovering and analyzing your SaaS and identity risk landscape, then combines CrowdStrike Falcon Identity Risk scoring to Grip’s SaaS-Identity Risk Management platform to enable a 360-degree view of risk across identity, device, and SaaS and cloud accounts.

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Stop SaaS Breaches.

SaaS-Identity Risk Management
CrowdStrike Falcon Identity Threat Protection combined with the Grip SaaS Security Control Plane can mitigate identity risk threats, and take the right action to secure the SaaS identity risk landscape.
Respond to SaaS breaches
When a SaaS provider is breached, security teams can which identities and endpoints are impacted using the CrowdStrike Falcon Identity Threat Protection risk scoring.
Intelligent access control
Grip ingests identity detections and scoring from CrowdStrike that indicate identity risk, enriching SaaS-Identity risk assessments and user access reviews.

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