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Mitigate SaaS Sprawl Risk

Manage SaaS Risks

Discover and monitor SaaS usage for every user and understand their authentication method to assess risk. Prioritize apps to move to SSO or enforce MFA-everywhere for unfederated apps. Grip’s continuous discovery and analysis contextualizes SaaS-Identity risk insights, classifies SaaS services, and identifies control gaps across every app and user.

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Control SaaS sprawl Identity risks

Close control gaps
Uncover accumulated risks and missing security controls, like SSO or MFA for every app and user — automate business justification to fully understand risks.
Evaluate SaaS identity risk
Assess the risk severity and impact of apps and assign priority levels for mitigation, including inherent risk, app data, user profiles, and account access behaviors. Grip provides a unique risk profile of every app or cloud service to provide a clear prioritization of the remediation or mitigation required.

Mitigate Shadow SaaS Risk

Govern shadow SaaS access
Implement your SaaS governance framework to shadow SaaS through automation. Collect business justification and app risk context automatically to and provide user choice without sacrificing security control.
Secure shadow SaaS
Track and monitor SaaS usage while preventing security risks that arise from widespread shadow SaaS use . Ensure compliance with SaaS justification workflows, automated user access reviews, and shared responsibility for specific apps.

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Gain a complete view of your SaaS usage—including shadow SaaS and rogue cloud accounts—from an identity-centric viewpoint. See how Grip can improve the security of your enterprise.