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Shadow SaaS Offboarding

Shadow SaaS

Whether employees switch departments, take new roles, or leave the organization, managing shadow SaaS accounts becomes a critical concern. Grip ensures this transition occurs seamlessly while maintaining the highest levels of security. By leveraging robotic process automation (RPA), Grip enables shadow SaaS offboarding for unfederated SaaS services and web apps, including integrations with identity providers to trigger Grip’s offboarding workflows for apps outside SSO.

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Automate critical offboarding tasks.

Unmanaged SaaS accounts
Detect shadow IT, SaaS usage, and rogue cloud accounts to automate password rotations and prevent unauthorized access. Grip automates offboarding for users and SaaS services — enabling security teams to secure shadow SaaS accounts with just a few clicks.
Remove identity access risk
Eliminate accumulated identity risk from retained (dangling) access for former employees — not just for centrally managed or federated apps. Reduce the risk of unauthorized access from compromised credentials of former employees by automatically destroying credentials at employee exit.

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