Grip Access Control

Grip SaaS Access Control 

Control user authentication, authorization, and access management for unfederated web apps, legacy portals, and cloud accounts. 

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Take Control of Unfederated SaaS Access

Manage user authentication, authorization, and access controls to unfederated SaaS, web apps, and cloud accounts. Enable SAML-less SSO and access governance for apps outside federated IAM, including controlling passwords for shared and service accounts.

Monitor SaaS sprawl
Grip centrally tracks each login to SaaS services, web apps, and cloud accounts for every identity, typically uncovering 70% more SaaS usage than previously known. 
Control Shadow SaaS Access
Strengthen authentication to unfederated SaaS, web apps, and cloud tools — removing siloed, duplicate credentials and securing shared accounts, and improving security, compliance, and reducing risk of shadow SaaS.
Enforce Shadow SaaS Policies
Proactively enforce risk and compliance policies by automatically controlling business justification and controlling user access. Make passwords inaccessible to users, reducing the risk of reuse, duplication, or unsanctioned sharing.
SAML-less Single Sign-On
Enhance security by automatically logging users into SaaS applications, legacy portals, or internally systems that do not support SAML, while avoiding costly upgrades to SAML-supported license tiers. 

Take Control of Credential Security

Grip Access captures activity through simple, mass-deployed browser extensions and AI-powered identity recognition to track when and where identity assets connect to web and SaaS apps.
Centrally manage every password for credential-based applications, web services, and SaaS tools — removing siloed and self-serviced password managers, duplicate credentials, and unsanctioned sharing.
Apply credential security at global scale, including secure account sharing and collaboration — secured by double-blinded strong passwords and MFA everywhere. 

Secure Credentials to Unfederated SaaS

Security teams can take over a user’s credentials for an unfederated SaaS application and store them in Grip SaaS Access Control (SAC). The password is changed to one that meets the company’s policies, and this new password is not revealed to the user. Users are automatically logged in for an SSO-like experience.
Identity and authentication sprawl component from Grip's dashboard
Component from Grip's dashboard that highlights "Move to Grip SAC" CTA

Create New, Secure Passwords

Fortify credentials for an unfederated SaaS apps and cloud accounts, inaccessible to the user within Grip SAC. Through this process, the password is changed to one that meets the company’s policies, and enables users with one-click login without passwords.  
A diagram explaining the shared credentials process

Secure Shared Credentials

Security and identity teams can centrally defined access controls, while facilitating user choice and shared responsibility across groups, business units, and individual users. Employees login using the Grip SAC browser extension and do not know the password itself. Password changes due to personnel or security workflows are automatically updated and all authorized users maintain seamless access without disruption.

Use Cases

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