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ServiceNow Integration


Grip’s integration with ServiceNow enables security, risk, and IT teams to apply and extend automation to shadow SaaS services, mitigate identity sprawl, remove compliance validations — all the benefits of the Now Platform extended to the SaaS traditionally out of reach.

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Extend IT Workflows to Shadow SaaS.

Shadow SaaS Lifecycle Management
Implement end-to-end lifecycle management and governance for shadow SaaS with the Grip SaaS Security Control Plane
Capture Shadow SaaS in CMDB
Add shadow SaaS apps to ServiceNow CMDB and identify unused or inactive licenses to reclaim. Leverage Grip insights with ServiceNow Flows to gain information on the use, access methods and business justification.
Shadow SaaS Alerts
Grip identifies high-risk unmanaged, unfederated SaaS services and provides alerts that automatically trigger risk mitigation actions via workflows in ServiceNow. Update software asset management with continuous discovery of new accounts, users, login events, and access methods. controls, and offboarding/decommissioning.

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Consult with our experts to understand how Grip SSCP can effectively tackle your risk and compliance requirements for managing shadow IT and applications.

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