What is Identity Security?

Identity security is a critical part of enterprise security. A comprehensive approach to identity security would include authenticating every identity correctly, authorizing each identity with the right level of permissions and access to privileged assets, namely information technologies including SaaS services.

Identity Governance

Identity security also includes identity governance and administration to organize policy and protections around identities in a systematic manner, including checks and balances with user access reviews, audit and compliance, as well as basic justification for an identity to access assets.

Access Control and Protection

Identity security is foundational and makes its impact on other siloed protection disciplines from endpoint to network to cloud. Each of these computing environments invariably connect with identities, which is the key reason for identity security as their foundation. Organizations should also enable secure access across any device, anywhere, at just the right time – without the trade-off between security and productivity.

Identity and the Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture

Identity security is also a key part foundation to cybersecurity mesh architecture (CSMA) and SaaS security.

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