Identity governance and administration (IGA)

Identity governance and administration (IGA) is a set of processes, policies, and technologies used to manage digital identities and their access to sensitive resources in an organization. IGA is a critical component of cybersecurity because it helps ensure that only authorized users have access to systems, data, and applications, and it helps prevent data breaches and protects against other cyber threats.

The IGA process involves several steps, including:

· Identity provisioning: This involves creating and managing user accounts and access rights for employees, contractors, partners, and other stakeholders.

· Access certification: This involves periodically reviewing and certifying user access rights to ensure they are appropriate and in compliance with policies and regulations.

· Access request and approval: This involves providing a self-service portal for users to request access to resources, which is then reviewed and approved by authorized personnel.

· Identity deprovisioning: This involves securing he access for users to systems, data, or applications when they are no longer needed or when their role or employment status has changed.

· Identity analytics: This involves using advanced analytics to detect and prevent fraudulent activity, identify potential security risks, and ensure compliance with policies and regulations.

IGA systems are typically implemented using a combination of technologies, such as identity and access management (IAM) solutions, user directories, and identity analytics platforms. By implementing IGA processes and technologies, organizations can ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive resources, which can help prevent data breaches and other cyber threats.  

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