Free SaaS Identity Risk Assessment

Discover the Gaps in Your Risk Controls

Do any former employees have access to applications?
What authentication method are employees using (SSO, IdP, credentials)?
Who is using unsanctioned SaaS in the company?
Which apps?
How many inactive SaaS accounts need to be secured?

SaaS Identity Risk Assessment

Employees are using SaaS now more than ever, causing uncontrolled identity sprawl and putting your company at risk. Our free identity security risk assessment provides insights into how your SaaS and identity controls are working and gives you actionable steps to contain any risks.

SaaS Identity Risk Assessment• Process 10-minute installation
• Custom dashboard created with actionable remediation
• Customized risk report identifying the key risk factors
• Full access to the Grip SaaS Security Control Plane to see it in action

Our assessment is a free, fast, and easy way to understand where your security controls are working and not working. Answer a few questions to get started.

How the SaaS Identity Assessment Works

10 Minute Installation

We use a simple read-only API to implement an identity-based discovery method to detect identity risks from current and former employees.
  • Detect unsanctioned SaaS usage
  • Document authentication metod
  • Identify users using risky applications

Current and Former Employee Insights

Grip can discover identity risks from current and former employees and highlight what actions are required.
  • Discover former employees who have access to SaaS applications
  • Identity unsanctioned SaaS accounts from current and former employees that should be closed
  • Uncover data security risks from unsanctioned SaaS

In Depth User Risk Analysis

We show a complete picture of a users’s identity security on a consolidated dashboard with point and click drill downs
  • See all SaaS accounts created scored with relevant risk, authentication method, and category
  • Filter by risk, categories, dates, or other criteria
  • Identify active accounts that are dormant or no longer used by the employee
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