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Secure the SaaS Identity Risk Landscape

Risk & Compliance

Grip integrates app data, user profiles, and account access behaviors to understand SaaS identity risks. Prioritize SSO and access controls from a unified risk profile based on multiple factors including user adoption, data used, user roles, privileges, and app data sensitivity for effective prioritization for SSO integration. This 360-degree view provides a unique risk profile of every user and SaaS app or cloud service, providing clear prioritization of the remediation or mitigation required.

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Secure SaaS Identity Risks

Accelerate SaaS Breach Remediation
Harness automated response capabilities for immediate action upon identifying security risks or policy violations, including access revocation, password rotations, and decommissioning SaaS tools entirely.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Security teams leverage Grip’s robotic process automation (RPA) to secure access to unfederated SaaS apps and cloud services. Use the native password reset functionality of SaaS apps to secure accounts and take control to secure access to the app.

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