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Centralize SaaS Access Control

Manage SaaS Risks

With Grip SaaS Access Control (SAC), security teams can take over a user’s credentials for an unfederated SaaS application and store them in Grip SAC. The password is changed to one that meets the company’s policies, and this new password is not revealed to the user. Users are automatically logged in for an SSO-like experience.

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SaaS Access Control

Control access to unfederated SaaS.

Strong credentials
Grip SAC enables security and identity teams to take over app credentials for unfederated apps, and change passwords to meet the company’s policies, and unknown to the user. SaaS users are automatically logged in for an SSO-like experience.
Create new, secure passwords
Leverage Grip’s robotic process automation and strong password generator to reset app credentials and seamlessly swap credentials to unfederated SaaS services and cloud accounts.
Conceal vaulted passwords
Enable IT or security to select unfederated SaaS apps where the user does not have control of the password. Store passwords in a secure vault that is inaccessible by the user — shielding passwords from reuse, duplication, and phishing attempts.

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