Shadow SaaS Single Sign-On

Secure SSO Blind Spots

Map user authentication methods and SaaS service frameworks, detect access control and single sign-on gaps, and enforce credential policies to mitigate SaaS IAM risk

Take Control of Your SaaS Access

Grip monitors and detects SaaS authentication events for sanctioned and unsanctioned apps so companies understand their SaaS identity risk and exposure—across the entire SaaS service layer. Grip scans and detects exposed credentials, SSO gaps, and abandoned, risky SaaS accounts. Eliminate SaaS IAM risk with one-click to secure SaaS access beyond the reach of IAM products.

Discover SaaS Access Risk SSO Misses
Map and monitor SaaS-user connections, including a 10-year history to pinpoint accumulated SaaS risk—missing access controls, dangling access, zombie accounts, and compliance failures.
Implement Access Controls Not Covered by SSO or IdP
Unify credential visibility and continuously detect changes to SaaS apps and validate SaaS credential integrity. Benchmark and prioritize SaaS access risk and right size access controls tailored to your SaaS service layer.
Enhance Single Sign-on Solutions
Identify and prioritize apps to add to SSO and achieve the security outcome of single sign-on across the entire SaaS service layer. Eliminate duplicate credentials, enforce strong password hygiene, by providing a double-blinded password vault and automatic password rotation.

Secure SaaS Identity Governance

Identify SaaS access and authentication: Grip graphs and attributes all SaaS-user connections—past, present, and future—and helps security teams understand key metrics of “who has access to SaaS” and “how my users authenticate to SaaS”.

Auto-generated strong credentials: Grip automatically generates strong passwords for users, governed by security policy—enabling one-click secure SaaS access for users and compliant SaaS access control throughout the SaaS service layer.

Reduce IAM exposures: Detect and monitor SaaS access controls, missing SSO, and validated authentication methods. Rapidly remediate risky access exposures, including automated workflows for secure off boarding across SaaS services in just a few clicks.

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Secure IAM Beyond SSO

Reduce credential sprawl: Capture and track user-SaaS authentication methods to help your teams identify risk associated with weak credentials, phishing and smishing targeting, duplicate passwords, and out-of-compliance activities.
Remove historic risk: Grip’s identity-based discovery can analyze over 10+ years of history, allowing security teams to prioritize and eliminate years of accumulated SaaS exposures.
Detect risky combinations: Automatically correlate and classify SaaS services to uncover connections, authentication methods, including SaaS use, misuse, and abuse. Combine SaaS attributes with user activities and existing controls to speed up SaaS risk mitigation.
What is happening in your SaaS service layer?
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Simplify SaaS IAM for Non-SSO Apps

Reduce complexity and cost: Grip enables security teams to remove complexity from securing the SaaS service layer, giving users one-click access to safely accelerate SaaS adoption and business-led IT strategies.
Adaptive security: Leverage out-of-the-box workflows and automation, including open integrations to share Grip’s SaaS risk intelligence to trigger downstream enforcement, access controls, and policy changes—including enrollment in single sign-on (SSO) or revoke access when out-of-compliance.
No extras, no disruptions: Grip continuously scans SaaS services and authentication frameworks, giving users on-demand strong authentication without agents, proxies, or changing user behavior.
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