Shadow SaaS Risk Management

Mitigate SaaS Risk and Access Control

Automate secure access for sanctioned and shadow SaaS

Improve Your SaaS Security and Compliance

Grip maps and monitors risks for sanctioned and shadow SaaS without agents, proxies, APIs, or logs. With a 15-minute deployment, Grip discovers shadow SaaS usage to give you complete visibility and actionable context to uncover the most relevant risks (and compliance failures) everywhere in your SaaS estate, including former employees, dangling access and policy violations.

Discover All SaaS Used
Get a comprehensive view of your SaaS inventory, including 10+ years of history to graph relationships between your users and real-world SaaS usage. Identify inherent risks among your SaaS apps used by function—finance, HR, IT, security, production SaaS—and enforce existing controls to mitigate unauthorized access.
Prioritize Shadow SaaS Risks That Matter
Prioritize risk across the enterprise SaaS layer, including risky access, identity threats, and malicious or abandoned SaaS services. Automatically remove weak passwords and replace duplicate credentials with password-less authentication. Identify SaaS apps to add to SSO or leverage automated workflows to gather user business justification.
Enforce and Orchestrate SaaS Security
Neutralize attacks targeted at SaaS services and identities with on-demand, secure SaaS access. Automate offboarding across thousands of users and SaaS services to revoke access, including targeted or system-wide revocation in minutes, not months. Achieve secure SaaS outcomes with open integrations to existing control points, tools, policies, and standards—automated and always-on.

Remove Shadow SaaS Risk from the Enterprise

No-agent SaaS discovery: Grip’s discovery engine is an award-winning innovation that captures, graphs, and identifies user-SaaS relationships regardless of SaaS status—sanctioned, unsanctioned, business-led, core-IT, used from managed or, unmanaged endpoints.

Continuous SaaS monitoring: Grip tracks user-SaaS account, authentication methods, and dynamic SaaS data to create custom risk- based scores that reflect the true risk to the enterprise. Pinpoint actionable insights relevant to you with continuous indexing and built-in automation.

Unmatched SaaS access control: Out-of-the-box workflows and customizable automation, including policy enforcement, user access reviews, SaaS service justification, or instant access revocation for users, groups, and tenants—all powered by Grip’s SaaS risk intelligence and identity-centric access control.

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Complete SaaS Visibility

Line-of-sight to all SaaS: Grip enables organizations to reduce SaaS risk by finding SaaS use, misuse, and abuse for sanctioned and shadow SaaS—business-led SaaS services and apps—uncovering usage history, authentication methods, weak credentials, duplicate passwords, and rogue or abandoned accounts.
SaaS user access reviews: Automatically gather business justification with required responses and terminate access for unresponsive users. Eliminate manual playbooks the complexity of SaaS user access reviews and service justification to save time and resources.
Stop credential sprawl: Disable access to dormant and abandoned SaaS services, removing passwords from identities, and apply instant access controls and credential policies to newly discovered SaaS services and apps.
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Identity Governance and Protection

Rapid risk response: Increase secure access to all SaaS services without incurring the SSO tax or the cost of deploying proxies, agents, or integrating third-party APIs. Mitigate the risk of identity sprawl, credential leaks, and phishing schemes to gain unauthorized access to critical SaaS services, including dangling access for former employees or abandoned SaaS from 10+ years.
Enforce SaaS controls: Thwart attacker attempts to compromise the enterprise SaaS layer, by enforcing strong authentication and passwordless access control for SaaS today and SaaS yet to be adopted.
Safeguard modern work: Enforce best practices for password hygiene with regular rotation and system defined password strength.  Get instant reporting and alerts to validate compliance and leverage automated workflows for rapid remediation.
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Continuous Shadow SaaS detection and mapping

Identify New SaaS: Monitor SaaS expansion and spot use patterns to find risky use, misuse, and abuse across the SaaS service layer—including shifting authentication frameworks for 20,000+ SaaS services and apps.
Rapidly respond to SaaS-based threats: Maintain continuous line-of-sight to your SaaS service layer to investigate threats or exposures when your SaaS providers are compromised.
Tailor security throughout the SaaS lifecycle: Durable, sustainable access control and govern the SaaS ecosystem at every stage of the lifecycle, harnessing workflows for justification, authorization, and revoking access for abandoned SaaS services.
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Global Scale SaaS Security

Identity-centric SaaS safeguards: Grip mitigates the top risk to your enterprise SaaS layer – identities – by detecting, prioritizing, and remediating risky authentication and access control gaps for all SaaS services, apps, users, and tenants. Customers harness Grip’s expertly manage access protection workflows and ensure compliance and least privilege principles to reduce their SaaS attack surface in every direction.
Automation and Orchestration: Instantly activate strong authentication for newly discovered SaaS services, users, and connections. Tailor access reviews, analysis, and enforcement to existing control points with pre-built policy orchestration and workflows to secure identities using SaaS services outside IT ownership (i.e., modern work and business-led SaaS).
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