Grip + CrowdStrike: SaaS-Identity Risk Management

CrowdStrike Falcon®

Secure the SaaS-Identity risk landscape, neutralize identity threats and stop SaaS breaches


  • Gain visibility into identity risk by combining device, shadow SaaS context, and user activity
  • Extend protection to any identity provider and access system, including Microsoft, Okta, Ping Identity, and Google
  • Unify SaaS access requests based on device and identity risk factors
  • Enforce MFA everywhere, including unfederated SaaS apps outside IAM governance
  • Automate SaaS breach response for faster response playbooks

Solution Overview

Grip combines with CrowdStrike’s industry-leading endpoint and identity security to extend security to unfederated and shadow SaaS. Grip’s continuous discovery and tracking delivers a complete view of security gaps and priorities in each organization’s SaaS-Identity risk landscape. Security teams can neutralize identity and SaaS threats by leveraging Grip’s contextual risk analysis, automated playbooks, and consistent enforcement across devices and SaaS identities.

Gain visibility to SaaS-Identity risk

Grip uses advanced email analysis and identity detection to continuously map the entire SaaS-Identity risk landscape — past, present, and future — providing actionable insights to prioritize risks and control gaps arising from unfederated SaaS use and identity sprawl.

  • Realize Value from Day One: Grip deploys in 10 minutes without agents, proxies, or sensors, enabling unified visibility to identities, cloud accounts, and SaaS services, powered by Grip’s advanced email analysis and identity integration.
  • Enforce Access Control, Zero Trust: Implement risk-based policies based on a unified view of zero trust pillars: identity, device, data, and apps — extended to unfederated SaaS accounts or other identity providers.

Prioritize Identity Risk for SSO Integration and SSO Bypass Prevention

The Grip SSCP platform creates a unified and dynamic identity risk profile based of the 3X number of SaaS apps not integrated with SSO, providing a continuous and context-aware risk posture.
  • SSO Prioritization: Assess SaaS app risks and identify those that should be integrated with Okta SSO
  • SSO Bypass: Discover shadow tenants of SSO governed apps (e.g., Slack, Salesforce, GitHub) and identify users and SSO apps where users are accessing using local app credentials

Extend protection to any identity provider

Identify every SaaS account created in real-time. Grip continuously discovers all SaaS accounts and web apps in-use, including authentication method from multiple identity providers and IAM systems, including Microsoft, Google, Okta, Ping Identity, among others.Centrally track each login outside IAM governance, such as shadow SaaS, unfederated web apps, and rogue cloud accounts.
  • Identity and SaaS Sprawl: Gain insights into the numerous shadow SaaS applications utilized by each user through automated assessment of identity risk, high-risk SaaS usage, and abandoned accounts.
  • Identity Risk Management: Get a complete understanding of risk by leveraging Grip across all identity systems with universal, out-of-the-box integrations every major identity provider.
  • Device, Identity, SaaS Protection: Combine Falcon® Identity Threat Protection visibility to device-identity risk and Grip’s continuous detection for SaaS-Identity risk in every web app, SaaS service, and cloud account.

Unify SaaS access control based on unified risk insight

Identify and assess risks associated with unfederated SaaS, including prioritizing access controls like SSO. Mitigate hidden risks of unauthorized access by combining device, app, and identity risk factors from combining visibility from Grip and CrowdStrike Falcon®.
  • Risk-based Access Control: Streamline user access reviews and calibrate controls for SaaS types, assets, and capabilities across all users. Cross-reference Grip’s risk metrics with compliance standards and leverage CrowdStrike Falcon® Identity Threat Protection to automate authentication tasks based on 100+ behavior analytics.
  • Mitigate Access Control Gaps: Evaluate alerts for unsanctioned use of SAML or OIDC, revoke OAuth access grants, and identify hidden exposures from misconfigured authentication and authorization across all identity providers.

Enforce MFA everywhere

Grip expands CrowdStrike’s security protection to include unfederated SaaS services with access controls like MFA. Grip enables security teams to improve access control to unfederated SaaS accounts — enforcing MFA to Grip before the user can access the target SaaS service, web app, or cloud account.
  • Strong SaaS Authentication: Grip takes over user credentials to unfederated SaaS apps and web services to create a new, strong password within a secure vault that does not reveal the password to the user. Security teams can control passwords instead of people to ensure credential hygiene in unfederated SaaS accounts.
  • Continuous Validation: Each user’s activity is monitored even though they are using the same login credentials. Password changes due to personnel or security workflows are automatically updated and all authorized users maintain seamless access without disruption.

Automate SaaS breach response for faster playbooks

When a SaaS provider experiences a security breach, security teams can accurately identify the areas where identities are affected — extending incident response to shadow and unfederated SaaS accounts. Combined with device-identity risks from CrowdStrike, security teams can prioritize remediation with Grip’s insights into missing controls, accessibility, and SaaS impact when compromised.
  • SaaS Breach Playbooks: Leverage Grip’s robotic process automation (RPA) and identity security playbooks like user access reviews, justification, threat response, and offboarding.
  • Prevent Lateral Movement: Identify exposed SaaS services with access to infrastructure and production environments, mitigating the risk of attacks moving laterally or expand SaaS compromise.
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Grip Integration Features with CrowdStrike Falcon®

Use Case
SaaS-Identity Discovery
Identify every SaaS account created in real time
Map the SaaS-Identity risk landscape, uncovering shadow SaaS and cloud accounts.
Access Management and Control
Manage user authentication, authorization to unfederated SaaS
Automate and record SaaS justification for compliance and risk management
Contextual Risk Analysis
Unified risk based on multiple factors like users, usage, and access controls
Prioritize risks based on their severity and potential impact of SaaS compromise
Automate SaaS User Offboarding
Block access to unfederated SaaS apps when offboarding employees
Extend identity governance and offboarding to unfederated SaaS apps
User Access Reviews
Cross-reference identities with underlying capabilities through multiple SaaS services
Identity governance for SaaS apps not integrated with SSO
SaaS Breach Remediation
Automate credential and password rotation for targeted SaaS and identities
Stop unauthorized access for compromised identities, SaaS services, or both
Security and Access Policy Enforcement
Control access for unfederated apps by taking control of credentials and password strength
Eliminate weak and duplicate passwords, annihilate existing credentials and enforce MFA
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SaaS-Identity Risk Management with Grip and CrowdStrike Falcon®

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