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Monitor Shadow SaaS Access

Shadow SaaS

Grip SaaS Access Control (SAC) provides granular data on an employee’s usage of shadow SaaS applications. Detect user login activity to SaaS or internal portals and is able to provide SAML-ess SSO governance. . Paired with the Grip SaaS Security Control Plane , Grip SAC completes the industry’s most comprehensive solution for visibility and security for unfederated applications.

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SAML-less SSO Governance for unfederated SaaS.

Browser discovery
Get details on the login activity and events for unfederated SaaS services and web apps and combine it with each user’s SSO activity to get a complete picture of SaaS usage.
Real-time SaaS sprawl
Keep pace with SaaS expansion and a growing identity perimeter with real-time awareness and alerting for users accessing unfederated SaaS accounts — including shared accounts.

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Consult with our experts to understand how Grip SSCP can effectively tackle your risk and compliance requirements for managing shadow IT and applications.

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