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Better SaaS Control and Security than CASBs

Grip SSCP provides better SaaS control and security by taking an identity-centric approach. With Grip, shadow SaaS becomes business-led SaaS and is no longer a security risk.

Discover More SaaS Applications
In head-to-head comparisons, Grip discovers up to 5X more SaaS than CASBs and delivers actionable risk remediation workflows to automate your SaaS security. Discovery works for SaaS access from managed and unmanaged endpoints.
Automate SaaS Security and Risk Analysis
Detect every SaaS account created and automatically gather information security teams need to act. For example, understand if it is for work or personal use or the data used. Prioritize remediation using a real time risk score based on variables such as the number of users, speed of adoption, and usage.
Deploy in Minutes: No Agents, Proxy Integration, or Transformations
Grip SSCP deploys in 10 minutes and does not require an agent or proxy/firewall integration. Operationalize your SaaS security program and remediate your identity debt from day one for all the apps that are not secured through SSO.

Better, Faster, and More Secure than CASB

No-agent SaaS discovery: Grip SSCP utilizes an identity-based discovery agent that detects and controls SaaS usage on managed and unmanaged devices without an agent.

Complete SaaS Access Control: Leverage automation to control access to all SaaS applications that are out of risky or out of compliance. Take control of unauthorized SaaS accounts from unsanctioned applications.

Automate Employee SaaS Offboarding: Secure unmanaged SaaS accounts for current or former employees due to turnover, terminations, or policy violations. Automatically assess and remediate your identity debt.

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Industry’s Best SaaS Control and Security

Continuous discovery: Discover and inventory every SaaS service for current and former employees and contractors going as far back as 10+ years and automatically classify risks without using spreadsheets or analyzing logs.
Understand SaaS risk: Grip SSCP automatically categorizes every SaaS service and application as users create accounts, so you can quickly respond to security issues or compliance failures, such as developer tools or single use apps using sensitive data.
Automate SaaS justification: Automatically collect SaaS justification and flag those that do not adhere to your compliance rules or other standards. Remediate violations automatically by securing the SaaS accounts.
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Secure the Identity Perimeter

Remove identity and access debt: Control your identity sprawl and secure the new enterprise perimeter. Detect and secure dangling SaaS access or apps no longer used by current and former employees and contractors.
Remove SSO gaps: Secure SaaS identities and remove SSO gaps by securely controlling access for all users. Monitor authentication method and usage and apply SSO-like tracking for all SaaS.
Secure SaaS identities: Thwart attacker attempts to compromise corporate identities and credentials, enforcing strong authentication and passwordless access control for known SaaS services and apps a CASB will never see.
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Eliminate False Positives—Reduce Workload

SaaS Account Creation Alerts: Grip SSCP understands when SaaS accounts are created, eliminating the false positives alerts generated from users browsing SaaS sites or researching SaaS apps. Alerts are presented with actionable steps to remediate the risk with just a few clicks.
Prioritize SaaS Risks—Real Time Scoring: Prioritize SaaS risks based on your company’s dynamics and user variables. Understand whether the app is for work or personal use and the data that will be uploaded. Highlight risk for apps that are gaining users in your company and identify the SaaS app administrators for follow up.
Orchestrate SaaS Security Across all the Control Layers: Unify SaaS security by integrating telemetry, analytics, and operation workflows across all the control layers. Grip provides an end-to-end platform that identifies incidents, provides the remediation options, and automates the implementation—from alert to security outcome.
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