Grip SaaS Security Integrations

Enhance the IT and security ecosystem with identity and SaaS risk intelligence

Visibility, Analysis, and Action

Grip enables secure protection for your global identity fabric across the enterprise SaaS layer, integrating visibility, analysis, and actionable insights throughout the IT and security stack. Neutralize threats with real-time awareness of identities and SaaS connections and automated workflows that leverage existing controls and security tools — in tandem with Grip’s award-winning SaaS security control plane (SSCP).

We Partner with the Best

We break down silos to enrich and enhance the IT and security ecosystem with relevant, actionable insights across the SaaS Identity Fabric. Trigger workflows within existing process and technologies, and extend security response to identities whenever and wherever SaaS is used.

Investigate Identity Risk
Integrate Grip’s universal SaaS-identity discovery to gain complete visibility to SaaS identity risk — for your teams and their tools.
Enrich SaaS-Identity Context
Bring context and insights to your IT and security stack, continuously detecting SaaS risks  and identity threats as they emerge.
Orchestrate and Automate
Mitigate SaaS and identity risks, including triggers for SIEM, SOAR, XDR along with cloud tools like CSPM, CASB, and CNAPP.

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