SaaS Password Manager

Remove SaaS Credential and Access Risk

Eliminate credential sprawl, weak and duplicate passwords, and dangling access for all SaaS

Passwordless Password Manager for Your SaaS Estate

Secure SaaS access and remove the burden of passwords from your users.  Eliminate phishing and credential theft for SaaS accounts, while providing seamless access.

Discover SaaS Access Risk SSO Misses
Grip gives users easy, one-click SaaS access while enabling security teams to enforce strong credential policy throughout the SaaS service layer—sanctioned and unsanctioned, managed and unmanaged, active and abandoned SaaS.
Annihilate Weak Passwords
Grip eliminates weak and duplicate credentials, and authentication changes for SaaS accounts, extending security policy to ungoverned SaaS—including destroying weak passwords and enforcing strong authentication.
Insight-driven Access Reviews
Automate access reviews and SaaS monitoring with continuous discovery and SaaS risk indexing (SRI). Leverage out-of-the-box workflows or customize justification and authorization workflows to enable rapid user access reviews, sanctioning, and access controls.
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Safeguard Your SaaS. Identity First.

Continuous SaaS discovery: Uncover historic credential risks like dangling access, duplicate passwords, and SSO gaps, and automate strong access control for newly discovered SaaS in real-time.

One-click, password-less SaaS access: Enforce security policies and access controls to SaaS services outside of IT control. Delight users with Grip’s strong password generator, SaaS single sign-on (SSO), and always compliant with security standards.

Demonstrate SaaS compliance: Continuously map and monitor SaaS usage and authentication methods, validate access controls and automate user access reviews for managed and unmanaged SaaS services and apps.

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Prevent credential theft

Strong credentials on continuous rotation: Take password control away from users to realize security outcomes—destroy weak or duplicate passwords and SSO-compliant SaaS access.
Monitor SaaS Usage and Risk: Track user-SaaS authentication methods to identify weak credentials, duplicate passwords,  and out-of-compliance verification for SaaS services and apps in-use.
Stop credential sprawl: Disable access to dormant and abandoned SaaS services, removing passwords from identities, and apply instant access controls and credential policies to newly discovered SaaS services and apps.
Find and priorities SaaS credential risks
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Automate credential exposure remediation

Automate SaaS access security: Quickly identify all users for a SaaS app to reset account credentials in the event of a breach with a single click. Enforce continuous rotation and strong credentials, including airtight vaulting
Audit-ready SaaS security: Continuously monitor SaaS access and automate business justifications to assess risk and (if necessary) revoke user access for almost any app.
Safeguard modern work: Enforce best practices for password hygiene with regular rotation and system defined password strength.  Get instant reporting and alerts to validate compliance and leverage automated workflows for rapid remediation.
Achieve secure SaaS access control and instant, secure offboarding for workforce changes, including risk buildup from years of unmanaged SaaS expansion.  
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