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Single Sign On

Secure user access to non-SSO apps or those that do not support federated authentication protocols like SAML or OIDC


  • Discover and govern user-led SaaS apps that are not integrated with Okta Single Sign On
  • Secure unfederated SaaS apps that do not support standards-based authentication
  • Prioritize SaaS apps for integration with Okta Single Sign On based on enterprise risk metrics
  • 10 minute deployment with no agents or proxies

Solution Overview

Okta Single Sign-On (SSO) and Grip SaaS Security Control Plane (SSCP) integration offers a powerful combination to enhance access control and security for workplace apps. Together, they centralize authentication and access control policies across federated and unfederated applications, ensuring consistent security measures. The Grip SSCP solution extends SaaS governance beyond those integrated with Okta SSO or lacking authentication protocol support, ensuring comprehensive security coverage.
Okta and Grip Overview Grip and Okta Overview
Business-Led SaaS Apps screenshot

Discover Business-Led SaaS Apps

The Grip SSCP platform leverages advanced discovery data to uncover the proliferation of 1,000s unsanctioned and shadow SaaS apps used in most companies. It provides organizations the actionable insights to identify and address potential vulnerabilities arising from unsanctioned SaaS app use.
  • Identity Risk Management: Discover the hundreds of shadow SaaS apps used by every employee by automatically discovering and mapping unfederated apps, providing a holistic view of identity risk
  • MFA Everywhere: Identify and prioritize the thousands of unfederated SaaS apps for MFA everywhere initiatives and monitor adoption, usage, and risk

Prioritize Identity Risk for SSO Integration and SSO Bypass Prevention

The Grip SSCP platform creates a unified and dynamic identity risk profile based of the 3X number of SaaS apps not integrated with SSO, providing a continuous and context-aware risk posture.
  • SSO Prioritization: Assess SaaS app risks and identify those that should be integrated with Okta SSO
  • SSO Bypass: Discover shadow tenants of SSO governed apps (e.g., Slack, Salesforce, GitHub) and identify users and SSO apps where users are accessing using local app credentials
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Lower Non-SSO Licensing Costs

The Grip SSCP platform identifies redundant SaaS apps and allows SAML-less SSO without upgrading to enterprise license tiers and incurring the enterprise security tax.
  • Reduce Redundant Apps: Migrate users to sanctioned apps when redundant SaaS apps are identified
  • SAML-less SSO Governance: Govern unfederated apps without upgrading to enterprise licensing tiers and enforce centralized policies.

Enable Okta Workflows for Unfederated SaaS Apps

The Grip SSCP platform integrates with Okta Workflows to extend identity governance to unfederated SaaS apps for tasks such as user onboarding, offboarding, and SaaS justifications.
  • Identity Security Workflow Automation: Automate routine tasks and workflows, ensuring consistent and efficient incident handling
  • Automated Identity Breach Response: Automates the discovery and renewal of credentials for affected users for unfederated systems and SaaS apps
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Okta and Grip Integration Features

Use Case
SaaS use discovery
Identify every SaaS account created in real time
Inventory and monitor SaaS app usage for compliance and risk management
Automate SaaS justification
Enforce SaaS justification reporting automatically
Automate and record SaaS justification for compliance and risk management
Secure access to unfederated SaaS apps
Secure unfederated SaaS account access
Enforce strong passwords and MFA and avoid password-based access for unfederated SaaS apps
Automate SaaS user offboarding
Block access to unfederated SaaS apps when offboarding employees
Extend Okta offboarding to include non-SSO SaaS apps
SSO-lite for low user volume apps
Govern unfederated SaaS apps without integrating into SSO and avoiding enterprise license upgrades
Identity governance for SaaS apps not integrated with SSO
Identify SaaS app overlap
Identify overlapping SaaS apps provisioned by users
Migrate users to similar apps and reduce licensing costs for overlapping SaaS apps
SaaS breach remediation for unfederated apps
Automatically rotate passwords to remediate SaaS breaches or protect digital supply chain
Identify and enforce password rotation for breach remediation or password hygiene
SSO enforcement
Identify users not using SSO
Enforce or encourage users to use SSO for SaaS that has been integrated with Okta SSO
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