Grip SaaS Security Control Plane

Delivering on top cloud security priorities — visibility, risk, and access control

Modern Work Magnifies Cloud Security Risk

SaaS solution adoption by enterprises of all sizes and industries is a natural corollary of their ongoing migration to the cloud. Many trends have led to an unprecedented reliance on SaaS that, paired with targeted attacks against identities and credentials, punctuates the serious threats to unguarded SaaS services. This has consequently generated demand for meaningful SaaS security outcomes that vendors have yet to meet - let alone offer concerted best practices for CISOS to safeguard identities across the SaaS service layer.
Time and again, CISOs express the same concerns: visibility, risk, and access control.
Security challenges continue to grow because the enterprise SaaS layer is diverse, multi-faceted, and remains the largest shadow ingress, and comes with an outsized impact-because organizations use SaaS to control and operate everything else.

Grip SaaS Security Control Plane

Grip SSCP enables organizations to consistently protect their cloud-first reality while avoiding the complexity of multiple point products (such as traditional CASBS, SWG, web proxies, and agents), significantly simplifying security throughout the enterprise SaaS layer. Grip SSCP is essential for today's cloud security architecture, protecting the enterprise SaaS layer — identity first.

Unified SaaS Visibility

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Production and Security SaaS

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Rogue and Abandoned SaaS

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SaaS Intelligence

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Idenity and Access Control

Identify and attribute user-SaaS connections
Pinpoint accumulated risks, dangling access
Secure SaaS access and offboarding, globally

Risk and Governance

Map and monitor SaaS use, misuse, and abuse
Benchmark SaaS against standards and policies
Detect and validate controls-past, present, future

SaaS Security Operations

Unified SaaS inventory and continuous discovery
Automate SaaS security leveraging 100+ actions
Enrich telemetry, controls with SaaS intelligence

Key benefits & capabilities

Zero-touch Discovery
Capture, graph, and identify shadow SaaS, usage history, justification, and authentication methods correlated to identities for up to 10 years of history.
SaaS Risk Indexing, Prioritization
Remove risk from years of overly permissive and dangling access, duplicate and weak passwords, OAuth grants, and missing controls like SSO
Neutralize SaaS Threats
Eliminate weak, duplicate credentials — mitigate SaaS risks with security policy to ungoverned SaaS destroying passwords and enforcing strong authentication.
Gartner, 2022
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Technology Overview

Grip SSCP is an identity-based architectural element for discovering SaaS services and user-SaaS relationships, identifying risky access and malicious or abandoned SaaS services, credential exposures and accumulated risk throughout the SaaS service layer.
SSCP is characterized by its three distinct capabilities:
(1) SaaS discovery, (2) SaaS risk indexing, and (3) SaaS security orchestration and enforcement.

1 | SaaS Discovery.

Grip’s discovery engine is an award-winning innovation that captures, graphs, and identifies user-SaaS relationships regardless of SaaS status — sanctioned, unsanctioned, business-led, core-IT, managed, unmanaged.

2 | Prioritize SaaS Risk.

Next, Grip SSCP uncovers accumulated risk via historic graphing to pinpoint dangling access, zombie accounts, and abandoned SaaS services — along with authentication tracking to automate user access reviews, enable one-click justification and enforcement workflows to remediate policy dodging, overly permissive access, and SSO gaps.
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3 | Secure Access and Offboarding.

Formalize SaaS access controls throughout the SaaS service layer, removing accumulated risk with evidence-based triggers — including instant access revocation (offboarding) tuned to SaaS types, functions, risk index, users, groups, or tenants — based on SaaS accessibility and scope of control.

4 | Adapt SaaS Protections.

With more than half of the enterprise SaaS layer changing from year-to-year, and with the rise of self-sourced business-led SaaS, enable adaptive protections pinned to identities — Grip SSCP transmits security policy through the user and adapts to SaaS today and SaaS yet to be deployed.

5 | Secure SaaS Service Layer.

Grip SSCP empowers customers to achieve a secure enterprise SaaS layer with continuous discovery and monitoring, assessing risk relevant to your unique SaaS scope, policy, and security intent. Leverage 100+ workflows suited to your organizations existing control points, like CASB, endpoint protection, or IAM/SSO to get a firm grip on your enterprise SaaS layer.
“Increasingly, business-critical operations are performed via SaaS services, existing entirely outside the corporate network, making traditional controls ineffective. New controls are needed to address these new realities.”
Gartner, 2022

Why Grip SSCP?

The Grip SaaS security control plane (SSCP) captures and graphs users, SaaS services and apps, groups, tenants - including authentication methods and usage with 10+ years of history. Prioritize remediation with SaaS insights and risk indexing throughout the SaaS service layer, including missing controls like SSO, policy dodging, and use justification.

Remove risky and overly permissive access to SaaS services — sanctioned and unsanctioned with one-click workflows, including automated offboarding and integration triggers to existing control points.

Identity-based SaaS Discovery.

With a 15-minute deployment, Grip SSCP discovers SaaS use, misuse, and abuse throughout the enterprise SaaS layer-business-led and IT- delivered SaaS services and apps- uncovering use history, authentication methods, weak credentials, duplicate passwords, and rogue or abandoned SaaS services.

Mitigate Credential and Identity Threats.

Identify and monitor user-SaaS authentication methods to pinpoint credential risk, phishing and smishing targeting, duplicate passwords, and validate SaaS compliance.

Relevant, Actionable SaaS Risk.

With a 15-minute deployment, Grip SSCP discovers SaaS use, misuse, and abuse throughout the enterprise SaaS layer-business-led and IT- delivered SaaS services and apps- uncovering use history, authentication methods, weak credentials, duplicate passwords, and rogue or abandoned SaaS services.

Orchestrate and Enforce SaaS Security.

Enforce access security and universalize access controls to deliver strong authentication, easy login, and adaptive safeguards for all SaaS types - sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS, business- led SaaS, and sever access to malicious or abandoned SaaS services, apps, and tenants.

Grip Security Learning Center

See Grip, the leading SaaS discovery tool, live.

Gain a complete view of your SaaS usage—including shadow SaaS and rogue cloud accounts—from an identity-centric viewpoint. See how Grip can improve the security of your enterprise.

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