Grip Access

Centralized identity control, decentralized security enforcement

On-demand, secure access — anywhere and everywhere SaaS is used

Mitigate credential sprawl and identity risk

Identities are assets, not people. Grip centralizes credential security for identity assets, infusing security policy to identities — giving users infinite choice and applying protections whenever and wherever users take their identities. Pinpoint and migrate credentials from fragmented password managers, including bulk credential and password rotation unique to each identity with role-based access control assigned automatically.

Unify SaaS-Identity Policy
Take control of credentials and ensure secure, strong passwords through centralized identity security policy and credential management. Track identity usage and connections, including new SaaS relationships or unsanctioned access.
Decentralize Enforcement
Eliminate siloed and unmanaged password managers, duplicate credentials, and access risks. Enable SSO for non-SAML apps giving users secure connections without passwords, and without compromising protection or compliance.
Secure Collaboration
Enable business-led IT and modern work, including secured shared SaaS accounts and teams, distributing accessibility while applying universal protection to each identity, on-demand.  

Why Password Managers Fail?

No visibility. Fragmented password managers, filled with duplicate passwords, are top attacker targets.

No standards. Most organizations have 15+ password managers in their environment.

No control. Weak and duplicate passwords proliferate, unmanaged and unknown.

Ready to go beyond password management?

Take Control of Credential Security

Control Passwords, Not People

Centrally manage every password for credential-based applications, web services, and SaaS tools — removing siloed and self-serviced password managers, duplicate credentials, and unsanctioned sharing.

Monitor Identity and SaaS Sprawl

Grip Access captures activity through simple, mass-deployed browser extensions and AI-powered identity recognition to track when and where identity assets are distributed across web and SaaS apps.

Secure Sharing for Modern Work

Share access without sharing credentials, enabling collaboration and infinite user choice with double-blinded strong credentials users never need to know — just click Grip Access for secure connection to shared accounts.
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