Grip Access

Industry's Biggest Innovation in Password Management

Unify SaaS credential security and automate offboarding for your apps, services, and users.

One-click Login, Centralized SaaS Control

Unlike password managers, Grip Access enforces credential policy and password strength because account passwords are hidden from the user.  Users get the ease and experience similar to single sign-on for secure access to SaaS apps.

Strong Authentication and Credential Security
Enable (very) strong passwords with automatic rotation, unknown to the user. Realize SaaS credential security by destroying passwords, revoking risky access, and automating offboarding—without agents, proxies, or additional IAM cost.
Every SaaS Authentication, Every Time
Grip Access captures all SaaS-user connections to help security teams understand key insights to know “who has access to a SaaS” and “how my users authenticate to SaaS”. Rapidly remediate risky access exposures, including secure offboarding across targeted SaaS services, apps, or users.
Go Beyond SSO and IAM
Eliminate duplicate credentials, dangling access, and reduce accumulated risk for unguarded SaaS services. Centrally enforce strong authentication throughout your unique SaaS service layer, leveraging double-blinded credential vaulting and automatic password annihilation.
Zero-touch Shadow SaaS Discovery
Capture, graph, and identify shadow SaaS usage correlated to users and authentication methods—for up to 10 years of history—contextualized inventory insights, SaaS risk classification, and user authentication method
Understand SaaS Risks
Prioritize risk across your SaaS service layer, including unmanaged, business-led SaaS to pinpoint security gaps like missing SSO, unsanctioned SaaS usage, or dangling access for former users
Automate SaaS Offboarding
Leverage SaaS insights and remediation workflows to revoke access for targeted SaaS services, apps, users, groups, or entire tenants—from one to thousands in just a few clicks.

Enforceable Secure SaaS Access

Map credential sprawl: Identify and monitor user-SaaS authentication methods to pinpoint credential risk, phishing and smishing targeting, duplicate passwords, and validate SaaS compliance.

Auto-generate strong credentials: Grip Access automatically generates strong passwords—governed by security policy—enabling one-click secure SaaS access for users and universal compliance across the SaaS service layer.

Stop identity threats: Detect and monitor SaaS access controls, missing SSO, policy dodging and changes to SaaS authentication. Annihilate historic and duplicate passwords, automate offboarding for users and SaaS out of reach for SSO.

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Identity-based, Universal Control

Scalable SaaS access: Unified SaaS credential security and policy-driven access controls, pinned to identities—overcoming the shortcomings of network or device-centric tools.
Durable, sustainable SaaS defense: Enforce access security throughout the SaaS service layer, including retroactive controls to end accumulated risk from years of unguarded SaaS services. Universalize security controls to deliver strong authentication, easy login, and adaptive safeguards for all SaaS types—business-led SaaS, production and security SaaS, micro-SaaS, sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS.
Defuse SaaS risk: Analyze user-SaaS relationships, showing risky access controls, malicious or abandoned SaaS services, credential exposures and accumulated risk throughout the SaaS service layer. Leverage dynamic risk indexing to prioritize remediation for what is relevant to your unique SaaS service layer, including risky access to production and security SaaS.
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Simple, effective SSO

Reduce IAM complexity and cost: Grip Access removes complexity from securing the SaaS service layer, enabling customers to accelerate SaaS adoption and business-led IT strategies safely without sacrificing security or compliance.
Automate and integrate: Leverage out-of-the-box workflows and automation, including open integrations to share Grip’s SaaS risk intelligence to trigger downstream enforcement, access controls, and policy changes—including enrollment in single sign-on (SSO) or revoke access when out-of-compliance.
No dependencies, no disruptions: Grip Access enforces strong authentication and maps credential security gaps and SaaS access changes to validate your security policies are supported throughout the SaaS service layer without agents, proxies, or changing user behavior.
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