Grip Access

The Biggest Innovation in Password Management

Overcome the Limitations of Password Managers and Secure Your SaaS

Next Generation Credential Security

Grip delivers unmatched level of password security. Unlike other password manager products, Grip Access requires users to store their passwords for unmatched enforcement of SaaS governance and access control.

Enforce Usage
Users are required to enter their SaaS logins and passwords into Grip Access or lose access to their apps. This increases adoption rates and provides security teams with the most complete view of enterprise SaaS risk.
Automate Breach Remediation
Passwords for breached SaaS apps or credential theft alerts are automatically rotated to protect against unauthorized app access. Secure access for managed or unamanged devices for on-premises or remote workers.
Actionable Insights and Reporting
Gain insights into SaaS authentication methods (SSO, IdP, local credentials) automatically remediate password hygiene issues such as weak or duplicate credentials, password rotation, password strength.

Why do Enterprise Password Managers Fail?

Low adoption rates-Usage is optional and many users choose not to use it

Weak or duplicate passwords-Users create their own passwords and use weak ones

No automation-Rotating or resetting passwords is manual and tedious

How well is your password manager working?

Enforce Password Strength and Control, 

Rapid Mitigation for SaaS Identity Risks

Require Users to Add Passwords

Using Grip Access is not voluntary, and users can be required to store their passwords in the vault or lose access to the SaaS app.

Detailed Reporting on Authentication Methods

Grip Access helps security teams understand user authentication methods for ensured compliance to SaaS credential security policies.

Obscure Passwords from Users

Hide passwords from users to protect against phishing attacks or unauthorized access from former employees. Secure access from managed or unmanaged devices used on-premises or remotely.
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