Security teams should view BYOA as an opportunity in efficiency and innovation

Dec 7, 2021


In this piece published in ITProPortal, Bradley Busch (CISO at Tyro Payments) and Grip CEO and Co-Founder Lior Yaari explains the problems with growing SaaS use and possible solution paths

Lior Yaari , Bradley Busch
CEO at Grip Security, CISO at Tyro Payments

"Companies seeking to increase business velocity should allow their staff to choose the SaaS applications that bring them the most value, and security teams should view this as an opportunity rather than a threat. While this may seem contradictory in nature, with the right supportive technology, efficiency and innovation in SaaS can thrive alongside a strong security posture. [...] “BYOA” (Bring Your Own Application) is a workplace policy empowering - and trusting - professionals to independently and wisely select the SaaS applications that can accelerate their workflow."

BYOA is an inevitable paradigm shift and has deep implications on how security teams manage and secure their SaaS environment.

Check out Bradley B.'s (CISO at Tyro Payments) and our very own Lior Yaari's (CEO at Grip Security) coauthored article about BYOA and its impact on security culture on ITProPortal here >> Link to article

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April 16, 2021

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