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Decentralized Access Enforcement

Breach Remediation

Grip SaaS Access Control (SAC) leverages Grip’s discovery and robotic process automation to control access to unfederated SaaS applications. For organizations with assets everywhere that are accessed from anywhere, Grip SAC is a key element to decentralize enforcement while giving users an SSO-like experience with one-click login to unfederated cloud and SaaS accounts.

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SaaS Access Control

Secure Access to Unfederated SaaS.

Single Sign-On without SAML
Streamline the user experience and enhance security by automatically logging users into SaaS apps, cloud accounts, and even internal portals that don’t support SAML or OIDC.
Secure Credential Sharing
Empower business teams with one credential for shared and service accounts, with teams using the Grip SAC browser extension without ever knowing the password itself. If roles change or access needs shift, Grip will automatically update shared credentials and all authorized users maintain access without disruption.

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