SaaS Security Posture Management

Discover and Secure Every SaaS App

Continuous SaaS discovery and risk posture assessments for the industry’s strongest foundation for SSPM

SaaS Security for Sanctioned and Unsanctioned Applications

Grip Security helps companies manage the risks associated with SaaS applications by monitoring user access, securing unauthorized access, and implementing controls for SaaS usage.

Comprehensive and Accurate SaaS Discovery Engine
Discover every SaaS application being used by employees and contractors that are being accessed from both managed and unmanaged devices
Automated SaaS Business Justification
Automate business justification for SaaS usage and document user adherence to company data and application use policies
Identity-Based SaaS Access Control
Secure SaaS account access from any device that violate policies for users who fall out of compliance or should not have access

Industry’s Only Identity-Centric SaaS Security Control Plane

Complete SaaS Visibility and Control: The Grip SSCP provides comprehensive visibility into your SaaS environment by monitoring SaaS application usage with granular controls to enforce security policies.

Dynamic Risk Assessment and Compliance: Assess your SaaS risk landscape by factoring in changing factors such as number of users, growth in usage, and application data use.

Threat Detection and Response: Detect and respond to SaaS identity breaches in real time by alerting security teams and automating response mechanisms to mitigate threats.

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Complete, universal secure SaaS access and credential protection. Start securing SaaS access and enable shadow SaaS SSO with a 15-minute agentless deployment.

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