Secure Offboarding for Ungoverned SaaS

Eliminate SaaS Access Risk

Automated, one-click user offboarding for hundreds of active and dormant SaaS services and apps

SaaS Offboarding in Minutes, Not Hours

Grip SSCP is the industry’s most comprehensive SaaS discovery solution and automates offboarding for users and SaaS services across the SaaS service layer.

Intelligent, Secure Offboarding
Leverage SaaS insights for targeted actions and workflows to lock SaaS accounts or remove dangling access across thousands of SaaS services, apps, and tenants—instant offboarding at global scale.
Catalog Authentication Methods for all SaaS
Grip SSCP documents SaaS authentication methods (SSO, IdP, password) for all SaaS apps and services, enabling strong identity governance for all user-SaaS relationships.
Audit-Ready SaaS Reporting
Continuously map and monitor SaaS accounts, validate compliance with standards and policies, and close access gaps with on-demand revocation across your SaaS service layer.
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Automate SaaS Offboarding—Past, Present, and Future

Single click SaaS offboarding: View all SaaS accounts on a single dashboard and offboard users with a single click, saving hundreds of hours of analyst work.

Instant value, remove dangling access: Identify accumulated SaaS risks for up to 10+ years of SaaS accounts and activate offboarding to realize on day one.

Eliminate abandoned SaaS accounts: Identify and automatically offboard users from unused SaaS accounts (10+ years historical lookback) based on risk profiles or security policies.

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Govern SaaS access, easy and on-demand

Control credential sprawl: Map and monitor user-SaaS authentication methods to identify weak credentials, phishing and smishing targeting, duplicate passwords, and out-of-compliance SaaS app use.
Apply least privilege access: Secure abandoned SaaS accounts and enforce strong authentication and prioritize SSO integration. Automate access policies and standards, applied to existing and new SaaS services—including business-led SaaS, whether sanctioned or unsanctioned SaaS throughout the SaaS service layer.
SaaS risk monitoring and mitigation: Continuously prioritize risk across your SaaS estate, automating remediation based on risk thresholds, misuse, or policy violations.
Save time and resources with SaaS offboarding automation
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Mitigate churn risk for SaaS and users

On-demand access change: Keep pace with continuous changes to your SaaS estate with automated access revocation based on real-time justification and status.
Tailored SaaS Access Orchestration: Harness out-of-the-box workflows and automation, triggering downstream offboarding for users, former employees, or systemic removal for SaaS services, apps, and tenants.
Secure modern work: Accelerate secure SaaS adoption with adaptive access control and offboarding for rapid response to workforce changes, production and security SaaS exposures, and incidental risk from years of unguarded SaaS services and apps.
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